Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wizard101 France- Day 2

Samuel wasn't on today, so I decided to finish up a few side quests when I realized that Colossus Boulevard is a completely unnecessary area that doesn't come into the storyline at all. Yet. Since it gave a good 1,500 exp altogether, I decided to finish it up. It was surprisingly difficult despite me being in the storm school. I finished it nonetheless, and got to level 12. I quickly obtained my stormblade spell and was done at that.

I went on the W101 French website to find this. Best. Commercial. Ever. Since I can't seem to get it on here, click this link to see their commercial. 
Important phrase of the day: Est-ce que tu parles anglais? Do you speak english?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello From France

Bonjour, wizards! Throughout the month of March, I will be sharing with you all of my adventures in Wizard101 France. I'll throw in some fun facts along with a few key word phrases you should know, in case you want to play on this server too.

Day 1: I decided to make a wizard named Divine Lumiere. Such a pretty name, is it not? It literally translates to divine light. Seeing as the translation was pretty too, I decided to make her a Diviner (Divinatrice). Not five minutes after I started my journey I met a wonderful fellow named Samuel Mornelame, another Diviner. We decided to quest together, and let me tell you, it was very difficult. Not the questing part, but trying to understand a language only slightly known by myself. We did, however, manage to press onward despite my lack of french skills. We got to level ten, and upon gaining our handy-dandy new storm shark spells, pressed  to Krokotopia, or Crocotopia. We decided to go to bed at that.

Important phrase of the day: Pouvez-vous m'aider? Can you help me?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Month of France

This is just a quick blog post- tomorrow I will start The Month of France. I'll have lots of info on the french game, along with a few contests. Stay tuned for more!


Lately I've been thinking about pets. As the game advances and new spells and gear items are released, it becomes more and more necessary to have a pet with Spell Proof and Spritely. Heck, I've seen ice wizards with 60% defense in all schools along with high critical and block. It amazes me that some people spend so much time and money trying to get a perfect PvP pet. How to they get all of the gold required for all this hatching? Farming. They spend hours and hours farming Halfang just to get enough gold to hatch pets that might have the talents they are looking for. Also, they probably spend mega snack pack after mega snack pack on a single pet, only to find that it gives health gift and spell-defying. By adding advanced pets to the game, Kingsisle created a huge market in itself.

Mega snack packs are, as I am absolutely sure of, one of the top selling crowns items. They can easily rocket a pet from baby to ancient in a minuscule amount of time. However, the chance of that pet getting the talents wanted is minute. It is so much more likely that they will have to farm all over again and hatch again just to get a new pet that might have the talents they are looking for. But, say, what if they wanted a specific pet? What if their PvP strategy required the card unique to the rain beetle? If they didn't get the rain beetle from the hatch, they would have to wait a long time just to hatch yet again, not to mention farming.

I'm sure one would get very tired of all this. They would get angry and want to stop working on the pet altogether. If they did, they would probably do at least sightly worse at PvP, thus creating yet another ruined part of the game. If they didn't care for housing, crafting, or gardening, what else could they do? Raising another character just to have them collect dust doesn't sound like a good idea. Socializing requires your friends to be online, so they may just quit the game.
I might be overreacting to this idea, but advanced pets, though fun and creative, can make one despise the thought of more than one thing in the game.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wizard101 in Foreign Countries

Lately I've been playing Wizard101 in lots of different countries. The majority of players are very friendly, and you can learn a thing or two about their language just by questing! I especially enjoyed the Wizard101 UK server. I met lots of people, made friends, and, actually, there wasn't a single person in the commons asking for a date! It was just like stepping in back in 2008- a peaceful and friendly environment. Nowadays we still have the friendly environment, but it's far from peaceful. Maybe they could add a few more realms, hmm? I highly recommend that you try playing on different servers as well as the US server. Just remember to be courteous and respectful.

International Day of Awesomeness

Today at 17:00 UK time you can meet Wizard101 in the commons! Meet with UK wizards, chat, and have fun. Be sure to wear the appropriate attire, however!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ninja's Lore Packs

Hello everyone! On March 6, Kingsisle released another new hoard pack: The Ninja's Lore! It contains the adorable Shenlong dragon, which comes in a variety of five colors. There's the Amber Shenlong dragon which gives a Stun card at baby, the Ivory Shenlong dragon which gives a Locust Swarm card at baby, the Jade Shenlong dragon which gives a Legend Shield card at baby, the Onyx Shenlong dragon which gives a feint card at baby, and there is the Ruby Shenlong dragon which gives a Quench card at baby.

There is also a plethora of gear and wands to obtain as well. There's the Chrysanthemum gear, Imperial Court gear, and August Sage gear. I personally LOVE the robes. The Blazing Naginata, Sweeping Longspear, and Thunder Chasing Spear look pretty awesome, too.

As well as reagents, pet snacks, and housing items, there are actually spells you can train! If you are lucky enough to get the Ninja Pig, Samoorai, or Goat monk spell, they're yours for good! Ninja Pig is myth, Samoorai is balance, and Goat Monk is life.